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heated pool

Swimming Pools

Propane-fueled heaters are a great way to heat your pool. They provide accurate temperature control and are more than 75% efficient. Plus, they have electric ignitions, so they ignite the pilot light only when needed.

water heater

Water Heaters

Propane-powered and tankless water heaters offer several advantages over electric models. They heat up faster and use less energy, so you’ll save money on your utility bills. And they continue to function during power outages, so you can still take hot showers and do your laundry when the lights are out.

cook tops

Cook Tops

Cooking with propane is more than just cost effective compared to electricity. Cooking with propane offers precise temperature control, heats food more evenly, delivers heat quicker, and burners cool quicker than electricity. Propane is also more efficient.

gas log

Gas Logs

Gas logs are great for every room in your house and can match your style. Gas logs also burn cleanly and efficiently, heating your whole room. With a remote control, you can turn the fire’s glow on and off, as well as regulate the amount of flame and heat: all from your chair.

gas grill

Gas Grilles

Propane gas grills are a safe, easy way to prepare your favorite foods. They provide instant and even flame, precise temperature control and easy cleanup. Unlike charcoal and lighter fluid, propane produces no potentially harmful emissions.

space heater


Furnaces and space heaters are both good ways to heat a house or outdoor space. Furnaces tend to be cheaper and more durable than space heaters, which have an automatic shut-off when oxygen levels drop. Both types of heaters also feature thermostats so you can set the temperature.

hot tub

Hot Tub Spas

Propane-fueled heating systems are the least expensive way to heat a hot tub spa. Propane heaters provide precise temperature control and are more efficient than electric resistance heaters, which activate whether you need them or not.



Texas is subject to frequent power outages during strong storm activity. Gas generators automatically start up when they detect a power failure, making them a sensible choice. Generators are also directly connected to home electrical wiring, for easy, instant access to power.

fire pits

Fire Pits

In Texas, we get our share of cool and cold weather. Fire pits provide a comfortable source of heat during chilly nights and offer enough warmth to enjoy the comforts of your backyard rather than retreat indoors. Fire pits also provide a wonderful ambience for conversation, ambling back and forth to tend the fire, and entertaining company.